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The Purpose of this Site

cropped-new-header-image-small-logo11.jpgWelcome to the Non-Obsessive Way of Eating.

Sorry but you will not find a wealth of information here … yet! This is very much in the developmental stage and at the present time primarily consists of shared articles that I find pertinent and interesting along our theme of eating wisely. Over the next few weeks the functionality of the site will be tweaked and a wider range of relevant content will be added.

The ultimate purpose of this site is to educate. The greater aim is to give a balanced view on everything dietary related and to give information on how to become non-obsessive about what, and the way we eat. It’s a fact that everything we eat can have a negative or a positive effect on your lifestyle, how depends on which side of the fence you are looking from. Our intent is to provide a balanced view in a non-judgemental fashion.

Did you know that there are over 1.3 BILLION websites out there … and climbing every day … check it out here … and that hundreds of thousands of those sites are health or diet related!! To make if even more confusing a lot of this information is contradictory—and in some cases flat-out wrong, or they are merely portals to selling sites to get your money.

So how do you make sure the advice you find on the Web is accurate and reliable? Simply by reading, researching and comparing the information you find. But not everyone has the time or the capacity to do this – we generally want answers as quick as possible.

The Non-Obsessive Way of Eating Company is dedicated to finding, analysing, collating and disseminating essays that support our aim … to educate … with reliable and referenced material. We aim to compare and contrast the information out there to give you the evidence that is at hand in a non-judgemental way.

Moreover, if what you eat is not all that healthy but you enjoy it? We need to keep in mind that the  food and the way we eat it, is one of the great pleasures of life and being non-obsessive about how and what we eat is important. In spite of this it is still valuable to find out the facts to inform your decision making when looking at our way of eating.

All our self published material is referenced to the source so that if you are interested in digging deeper you can. The aim is to provide a balanced view of what is out there and not to push one particular opinion or perspective. If you prefer the lifestyle of a Vegan or follow the Atkins Diet … our view is to go for it if it makes you feel good. But in your own interests also be informed, and be aware, of both sides of the argument as to which may be healthier (or not as the case may be).

Over the coming weeks there will be articles on differing nutritional guidelines, healthy eating updates, items on varied Ways of Eating, the presentation of  our “2 Page Guides” to various diet plans, reports that delve into the practical aspects of the latest food research, food related articles from the Web, and much more. Yes there is a lot to cover but why not enjoy the journey with us.

One thing that will not be included on the Non-Obsessive WOE site is recipes and medical advice – there are thousands of other sites dedicated to that!

But hey … enjoy what I have to share and follow us to be informed on the world of food, the debates on what is healthy and how you can best use this dietary information to benefit your health.

Happy eating