The Non-Obsessive Way of Eating

Eating Healthy to Live Healthy

What is a Non-Obsessive Way of Eating?

multi header imageLike the occasional Big Mac? Heard that Intermittent Fasting might be good for you? Wondering if Veganism is really all that healthy? Maybe I should eat Paleo but what exactly is it? Looove bacon … but isn’t it full of bad stuff?

Then you have arrived at a site that can give you unbiased advice, ideas, and guidance on how to enjoy the foods that you like without being obsessive in your approach.  This site has been developed as a “go-to” database and a place for where you can educate yourself on looking after your health without going to extremes.

The Non-Obsessive Way of Eating website is all about… well… being non-obsessive about eating. Get the facts about diets, food nutrients (fast food isn’t all bad!) and then make your own mind up about how YOU want to eat. Eat guilt free. Choose the foods that suit your lifestyle but do so with knowledge. Take a look and you will find a wealth of information on food, exercise and diet types.

Much of the information contained here can be found freely on numerous sites across the interweb. Some of the information here is simply links to other sites, while other snippets have been sourced, refined and rewritten to make it easy to educated and inform yourself on health related issues. Easy as!

Information contained here is a mix of personal research, published articles, links and a wide variety of resources. There are one page reviews on books and nutrition, links to calculators, postings containing  the latest research thinking on nutrition, and health information from a range or sources to help you enjoy a healthy, non-obsessive way of eating.

What you will not find here are any recipes, nor the promotion of any one style of eating, nor criticism of your preferences … just an objective view to enable the adoption of healthy eating habits towards a vibrant healthy lifestyle.

For the most part the information is available for free, while some information, such as diet analysis and eating plans can be subscribed to. Try it out and become an educated mindful eater!