The Non-Obsessive Way of Eating

Eating Healthy to Live Healthy


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Thomas Connolly

MtchLn; H.Dip Tchg; Dip. ITEd; CAT; Dbl Adv Trade Cert; Whakapiki i te Reo;

Thomas is the owner of The Non-Obsessive Way of Eating Company, a health coaching and mentoring entity.

Thomas works with clients on the mind-body connection; with an emphasis on the role mindful eating plays in creating a balanced and healthy eating style, and relishes his role as an educator. Although retired, he now spends his time developing programmes and resources to help people find a balanced way of eating, without guilt, to help in full filling a healthy life style.

Prior to this role, Thomas worked in a wide range of professions with real world experience, in a variety of roles. He has traveled extensively and has lived in a number of countries.

Before retirement Thomas was a lecturer in Technology Education, and Professional Studies and Practice, as well as E-Communications Coordinator and PS 100 Level Coordinator, in Christchurch, New Zealand.