snackGetting in the Habit

If you are going through the day not eating anything or eating big meals with 5-6 hrs in between then it’s time to start snacking! Snacking helps to speed your metabolism up so that you burn more energy and it also aids in preventing binge eating. It just takes a little bit of foresight and planning to make it happen, but once the habit is established you won’t go back.

If you are in a rush, throw a bunch of snacks in a bag and graze throughout the day. Eating frequent small snacks and meals every 2-3hrs throughout the day keeps your metabolism fired up and energy levels high. So you can achieve more with better focus and avoid raiding the cupboards when you get home from work.

Snack Ideas

• fresh fruit (preferably in season), apples, pears, kiwis, banana (great for after a workout), grapes

• carrots or celery with hummus

• crackers with a small can of tuna or cottage cheese

• cottage cheese with banana or other fruit

• mixed nuts/seeds and dry fruit (in small amounts)

• yogurt

• popcorn