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We all know that at times the motivation to eat well for our health is often difficult – no matter how much we know we should. My weight has been nice and steady for the last 6 months, I work out once or twice a week, I have a good laid back lifestyle (well earned lol) and am enjoying some nice sunny weather on the Gold Coast. So why am I eating the wrong foods more often of late?

I think it is really down to being too relaxed with my successes and a lack of motivation creeping in. I find I’m making excuses to eat the foods I know I shouldn’t – those pesky carbs and sweet things that I do love but need to keep a tight rein on!

Yes I advocate for a Non-obsessive Way Of Eating but that means eating mindfully and does not mean eating just because you can!! The problem for me is that now I have achieved my goals, am happy with my health and feel good … its harder to stay there.

If you are in the same boat, here is one way you can refocus and rebuild motivation  and get back on track. Create your own rewards or loyalty card! Set your card up like a coffee club card, where each time you make a good food choice, count it as one stamp.

By knowing that a treat or reward is on the horizon, it is actually easier to deny yourself that extra cheat piece or lazy choice at the actual time. Yes I know we are not children, but it is a practical, visual method to recognise yourself and your own determination in a positive way. Having the card in your wallet or purse is also a good reminder flag too. By allowing yourself small, regular indulgences you can more easily stick with your greater long term goals.

Once you have collected 10 stamps reward yourself with something you really want. Whether this be a pizza for dinner or an ice cream afterwards, or that extra sweet with your coffee, make yourself feel good for having made good choices.

If that is not you, here are some other ideas on how to get motivated. or these from Sparkpeoples MOTIVATION STRATEGIES.

Studies have shown that working towards an end goal with a desired reward can be the most effective form of motivation. Not only this, but you’ll feel a great sense of achievement. Go on, you deserve it.


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