healthy vodka drink

What a miserable week!  Here I am living a few months in sunny Brisbane, Australia, with it averaging around 30 ͦC and in my final week, the last thing I expected was to get a cold yet alone bronchitis.

My health as a rule is generally pretty good but bronchitis has always been my Achilles heel – I get a bit of a sweat up and if there is a cool breeze around, it finds me, and next thing there is a scratchy tingle in the throat. Then the breathing gets a bit laboured and the tingle turns into a raw throat. By the next day I’ve either thrown it off or the cough has moved deeper, I’m feeling wretched and need to start using the spittoon! You know the drill. I did however manage to negate this progression a few years ago.

I’m not only a non-obsessive eater, I’m also non-obsessive about using the standard western medical approach to health, and am quite open to integrate alternative therapies when suitable. For years I have been prescribed Tramadol, Codeine or Ibuprofen for joint pain and such like. Sure they take away the pain but their side effects are not the best in the long term but ignorance is bliss and for the most part we go along with what our regular doctor says. However while exploring a better approach to eating I also decided to ditch as much of Big Pharma as practical and look at more natural and alternate medicines to prevent poor health in the first place. To this end part of my daily ritual involves a big cup of coffee first thing, to which I add turmeric, pepper and ginger. Since taking this concoction my inflammation and pain has been greatly reduced.

I still see a regular doctor at times and a physio when I need it or alternately an Osteopath for a regular tune up. I have also tried colour therapy but when I started to see a Homeopath and used the remedies that were recommended, I noticed a huge positive difference to my health. But that’s another Blog! My problem this week is that Jill, my homeopath, is in Christchurch (NZ) and I’m not.

So to my plan to beat the bronchitis lurgy! First I ignored the symptoms hoping that I’d just get better but then realised things were going in the wrong direction. To my daily ritual, I then added ginger to each cup of coffee throughout the day, along with double doses of “Andro NK” tabs and high potency vitamin C, 4 times a day. By the third day things were noticeably better but still with a hacking cough and sore throat. As a result, one more therapy to try courtesy of my Grandmother’s home remedies that she swore by –  orange juice with a cup of Vodka and an early night! It might be rather basic but till you try out alternatives you cannot really argue against them can you, and all in all I do feel much more chipper today.