immuneBoostFoods-As everyone knows, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading globally and at present there is no vaccine or any natural health products to protect against it. For most it is a fear of the unknown. The only defence from getting infected and spreading the virus at this stage is by coughing and sneezing into your sleeve, wash your hands frequently with soap and water, keep a “social” distance and isolating yourself if deemed vulnerable.

Life has changed for many of us. Bars and nonessential places of business are to close and Burger King and KFC have just announced that all seated restaurants will now be closed. Libraries, swimming pools, gyms, churches and workplaces are also closed and many of those who can are now working from home – and supermarkets have empty shelves.

What surprised me most about the empty shelves at my local supermarket, were the types of shelves that were empty. There was still (some) toilet paper, but every bag of flour and sugar was gone, along with all the pasta, pasta sauce and rice. The meat trays were not stacked in the normal way, but were instead spread out singly to give an appearance of normality. Maybe the scarcity of basic food stuffs can be understood (and forgiven?) in this unprecedented situation – but what drives people to feel the need to strip the shelves and over buy at a time like this in any case?

Research shows it’s quite simple really. At times like this we feel powerless, so by buying up perceived necessities, it gives us a sense of being in control. The excess toilet paper will eventually get used and will not go off – so it is a logical item to hoard.

Secondly, it is FOMO, the “feeling of missing out”.  For example, I’m at the market needing to buy only 1 bag of flour when I notice Jane over there has just put 3 bags of flour in her trolley, and Jim is fast approaching to maybe do the same. What if he also buys 3 bags? Maybe I had better get 4 now while I can, before they are all gone! Excess buying perpetuates excess buying in times of crisis.

Don’t be fooled however by the desolate shelves. There is still plenty of food and goods still available, just not on the shelves!  In truth there is no actual shortage – the shelves are empty due to a logistics problem. These high in-demand products are flying off the shelves before the supermarkets have time to reorder and restock. This is a demand issue, not a supply issue. Consumers need to remain calm and avoid hoarding.

From a health point of view too, it is a concern the type of foods that many seem to be stockpiling. The empty shelves that most surprised me were those that used to hold the packets of chips and crisps, crackers and chocolate, the soda drinks and – lemon juice! Not really sure why LEMON JUICE though!  For Tequila maybe?

People need to buy healthy food. With a disease such as this running rampant it is important to have the right foods at hand. A healthy immune system needs quality food. Good quality food may not stop you contracting Coronavirus, but it will help in combating it and in aiding recovery if you do contract it. Scrap the high sugar foods and feed your body foods that will keep your immune system strong.

Plan your meals to include these 15 powerful immune system boosters.

Take care out there.