by The Non-Obsessive Way of Eating Company;                                                 25 January 2018

Subway 6" instead of foot-long

One simple trick to losing some extra poundage is by instigating a Cut and Burn strategy (CAB). Cut part of your meal out and Burn weight off. Not complicated, easy to work out and you can make big gains in weight loss over time.

So unless it is not obvious this whole way of eating is based on … not eating … or at least cutting out part of what you would normally eat at a single meal sitting. It’s the practice of cutting out calories from your daily diet by cutting back on what you are consuming without having to count calories, weigh portions or leaving out any particular food groups.  You don’t even have to bother with the reading of labels! Cut and Burn management couldn’t be simpler, and can be an easy fix for someone just wanting to feel a bit slimmer or a bit lighter. Additionally it can change your life in the long term!

To make this an achievable strategy there are a two things to keep in mind. First you can try this over a longer term or every other day or simply at one or two meal times a week – the choice and the potential gains are yours. The second – treat it as a recurring challenge, and give yourself a completion date to assess (and pat yourself on the back) rather than something that just goes on and on.

So what is the advantage of trying this way of eating over other weight loss diet plans? Foremost, by having a start and end date (rather than a weight loss goal) it is easier to achieve mentally when you know there is an end point. Secondly there are no fancy supplements or special foods and it will actually cost you less. The ultimate reward is that even if you only cut down a little, you will still see results.

So how do I start? In its simplest form it is a matter of accepting less or putting less on the plate or ordering less of a meal, when you consume some food. Now remember that you can choose to do this once every other day, once a week or whatever regular time suits you. That’s all good. The more often you incorporate CAB, the larger the losses. The only essential is to be consistent. Even diary your regular time so the day or chosen meals will be a regular event. If you find you are comfortable with this way of eating, ramp it up, and if you feel like adding CAB to another meal time on a regular basis – do so! The more often you do this the better and bigger the results will be.

An example of a Cut and Burn strategy. Every Tuesday I “dine out” for lunch at Subway and used to order a foot-long of the day, 2 cookies and a fizzy drink. Now I don’t really want to give up my sub and substitute for a salad option and water because, basically, I like Honey and Oat bread too. Food is to be enjoyed after all. Hence every Tuesday I still dine out at Subway, I still get the sub of the day, but have made one simple change to my order – it is now a 6” sub of the day and a coffee. If I feel hungry at the time, I promise myself that if I am still hungry 20 minutes later, I will get a cookie as a top up. Unsurprisingly I never do as what I have eaten has actually sated me.

So why not make a “real” substitution and choose a salad and water? Apart from not really enjoying just salad, there are just too many things I don’t know about the salad. Sure it is the same salad as in the roll but is a full salad meal more or less the same calorie content as the foot-long? I don’t know. Some of my salad choices may end up being nutrient denser than what would be in the roll too, and I am also likely to say “Oh double the sweet chilli” just to give it some taste. However by cutting my usual order literally in half, I definitely know that I have cut what I am consuming in half!  It is half of the calories, half of the sugar and half of the fat I would normally be taking in during my Tuesday lunch. Additionally I also know that I have carried out my Tuesday commitment and can feel good about doing that while still enjoying my taste treat. You can use this technique with every meal if you like or at lunch every week day, or with just the biggest meal of the day. The important thing is that you are doing this and are consistently cutting back on excess calories, and hence keeping trim.

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