The Banting Diet

Similar also to: LCHF, Paleo, Atkins, and Ketogenic diets
Type of diet:  Specific Macronutrient Ratios / Prescribed eating / Real Food / Structured
Main Benefits: Elimination of sugars
Cost: Doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Keeping it simple is the secret to success.
Difficulty: Moderately easy to follow
Involves Exercise: Regular aerobic type exercise is suggested

What the Advocates Pitch

The Banting and Ketogenic diet, which was originally designed to help treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children, are very similar. Both are forms of a Low Carb (LC) regime where limited carbohydrates are consumed, along with varying proportions of fat and proteins, depending on the variant followed. Most importantly, … continue reading The Banting Diet here