Two plates being servedFour Food Trends to Savour!

When it comes to thinking about our diet and wellbeing, a lot has changed in recent times. Here’s four important new food trends we heartily endorse at World Organic!

Diets are Yesterday’s News:

People are at last becoming aware of the fact that diets don’t work. Instead, there is a growing understanding that if you want to lose weight and keep it off, then it’s important to adopt a more balanced approach to how you live your life. In addition to eating nourishing foods, this means a consistent program of exercise, positive thinking, and avoiding endocrine disrupting chemicals wherever possible.*

* These damaging chemicals are commonly found in traditional skincare, makeup and personal care products, as well as in common household cleaning products and plastics.

Kiss Goodbye to Artificial Sweeteners:

Recent studies suggest a link between artificial sweeteners and obesity. If you have a taste for sugar and really need a hit of the sweet stuff, then opt for natural products rather than those that are made in a laboratory. Maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar and date sugar are all viable alternatives to artificial sweeteners.

Eat Mindfully:

Mindful eating involves carefully choosing the foods you eat before consuming them with intention and delight, focusing on the taste and texture of the dish as well as taking the time to chew before swallowing!

An ancient practice, mindful eating offers the following benefits:

Enjoyment – By focusing on the taste and texture of your food, you’ll enjoy what you eat more.
Weight loss – Because mindful eating requires you to take time over your food, you’ll eat less, consume fewer calories and therefore either shed pounds or maintain a healthy weight.
Improved digestion and physical wellbeing – By eating slower and chewing your food properly, you will give your digestive juices the chance to break your food down, allowing for optimum nutrient absorption and increased energy.

Full Fat is Good Fat

After decades of being told that full fats are bad for us and that we must follow a low fat diet, the truth has finally surfaced. Low fat foods are bad for us! Not only are they full of sugars and chemicals designed to make them taste better, they are also associated with bad skin, sore joints and inflammation. In contrast, researchers have discovered that people who consistently eat full fats tend to be healthier, weigh less, and –surprise, surprise – enjoy eating more. So, ditch your processed, pre-packaged, sugar laden, ready-to-go meal and opt for some all-natural, all-healthy, full fats instead. Eggs and avocado, anyone?

First published in My World Organics