cow and vr

I personally find this a bit on the creepy side and quite unethical.

While I am far from a vegan or vegetarian, I do believe we need to treat out sentient friends with compassion and care while they are are under our management. Have you ever looked a cow in the eye? There is a living, breathing creature in there.

Deceiving bovine minds to serve as mere nutrient producers reduces them to bare commodities, a dollar figure on the spreadsheet. Maybe for those who believe milk comes from a carton this means nothing, but a simulated virtual reality environment (think the Matrix), does not equate to the same thing as rolling in the meadow, smelling the hay or living a real life. In a sense, it’s a solution to a problem humans have created.

Below is the article from Futurism by DAN ROBITZSKI:


Bovine Escapism

In a bid to get more and better milk out of their cows, Russian farmers have taken to strapping specially-modified virtual reality headsets on their cows’ heads and giving them relaxing, pleasant virtual experiences.

It’s not clear whether the milk improved as a result, according to Engadget, but the cows seemed happier while looking at a VR field than they were while faced with the grim reality that they were trapped in a crowded farm.

Going Back In

The farmers found that the cows were less stressed while using VR, per Engadget. And now they plan to launch a more robust study to see if jacking cows into the matrix actually improves the quality or volume of their milk.

And if that doesn’t work, maybe the farmers could try letting the cows roam around an actual field.