My blood boils when reading, listening to, or watching hypothesized propaganda on food and food choices. This is for items from BOTH ends of the scale – equally from the Vegan end and the Carnivore end. I like to pride myself on the fact that what you read on the Non-Obsessive Way of Eating is unbiased advice, ideas, and guidance on how to enjoy the foods that you like without being obsessive in your approach.  

Items offered by both (and other) groups will often cherry pick selective data that backs their views, and most times will not enter into direct debate with the opposition, or present alternative data that may dilute their argument. Frequently their approach is selectively focused on one aspect of the WOE they are supporting, and detracting information is ignored.

A good example is the latest Netflix movie on eating – The Game Changers. I watched it the other night and, yes, a lot of the information it presented is quite interesting. But is it true. The meat presented, as an example of being “bad”, was in the main, fast-food burger meat – patties. The supported vegetarian diet did not show any fruit. The evangelical participants involved, were not your average Joe and Jane – these were top achieving elite athletes who do, think and perform at the very top of their chosen sports. They are also people who have lots of money, a team devoted to their health, and the discretionary income to afford the best of foods available to them, cooked in interesting and varied ways – unlike the rest of us.

One critic of the movie said that  the “so called documentary, uses misrepresented, cherry-picked, and flat out false information to deceive the audience into thinking a purely plant based diet is evolutionarily accurate and nutritionally complete”.

As I lack the qualifications to make a true judgement, I, like all solicitous readers do, googled for a fact checking article on the movie, to see what they considered was truth and what was fiction. For any article, I believe that the key to being well-informed is to critic any article with the knowledge of who has published it, where their funding has come from, and what the authors preconceived notions and prejudices are. So with this in mind, an article found was the natural challenger to the views presented in the movie, someone from the other end of the spectrum – a Keto advocate.

Watch the movie and read the article, and then most importantly, MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP.

Click here to read my synopsis of an article written by Dr. Anthony Gustin, DC, MS, author of Keto Answers published 11/10/2019. The full article is here.